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Kausal 2012
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KAUSAL 2012 5th International Congress
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Poster 2012


The 5th International Congress on Own-checks and Food Safety - KAUSAL 2012 will be held from 17 - 19 October in Barcelona with the theme All together, safer food. This conference is the leading scientific meeting on the present and future of own-checks and food safety throughout the food chain as well as a meeting point for professionals working in food safety.

At this year's congress, we seek to reflect on the importance of sharing a common goal: to provide safe foods. Working in coordination: companies, public administrations, research centers and citizens; collaborating with those involved in every stage of the food chain, from primary production to the final consumer; we will be able to guarantee food safety and offer markets and consumers foods they can trust.

We aspire this congress to be not only a meeting point for professionals, but also an opportunity to share successful teamwork experiences to improve food safety, as well as concerns and solutions on the challenges we encounter in our day to day work in the implementation of own-checks systems to ensure safe food.

During the congress, we will address all relevant leading issues at present including:

  • The own-checks current situation in the EU: Where are we and where are we heading to?
  • The role of own-checks in international trade and the role of private certification
  • The challenge of own-checks system implementation in the primary sector and in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • The latest advances in the identification of emerging hazards, different verification and validation systems, fast screening methods for analysis and leading systems for critical point control
  • Innovative food safety management systems for companies, using 'smart solutions'
  • Consumer perception on food safety and own-checks and the importance of communication in highlighting our commitment to establish a global food safety culture

The congress is aimed at quality professionals and food companies, university staff, public administration staff, consultancy firms, scientific bodies and, in general, food safety professionals working from primary production to the final consumer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona to share this event, which will be attended by an estimated 400 food industry professionals and top leading, internationally renowned speakers!!!


Kausal 2012Generalitat de Catalunya
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Kausal 2012 - 5th International Congress on Own-checks and Food Safety